Paklina Beach near Bol on Brac Island

Palkina beach is one of the most famous beaches on the coastline of Croatia. This beach is admired by tourists from across the globe for its rich blue waters, sandy shores and the exotic view of the beach from the shore. This beach is located towards the southern part of the island of Brac. This beach is not far away from another famous naturist beach called the Zlatni Rat beach. Paklina beach is located towards the western side of the Adriatic Sea and is considered among the best Fkk beaches in Croatia.

This beach is highly admired by tourists for a relaxing holiday and is considered to be an excellent location to soak in the sun for a good tan. The easy route to visit this beach is through the city of Bol. Using the most popular transport system of Ferry in Croatia, you can sail towards the Paklina beach which is aside the island of Bol. The Paklina beach is just 200 meters aside the famous naturist beach called the ‘Zlatni Rat’. Other way of reaching this beach is by taking a short 30 minute walk along the coast. Walking towards the beach would expose you to the scent of fresh pine scented air and the blue waters touching your feet are a great experience.

The beach is located towards the middle of the snorkeling zone. This has made it an exotic location for a relaxing vacation. The mild sun kissing the beach and the blue waters reaching the land in the form of waves, cool pine scented air and a pebbled coast line to relax and soak up the sun for a good tan. Paklina beach also offers a wide range of water sports which you could try your hands on. As this beach is a snorkeling zone, by participating in the diving sessions you can enjoy the beautiful marine world that exists in the Adriatic Sea.

There are also many competitions that are held near the Paklina beach. Towards August, you can witness the ‘Sky Runner’ championship and the scuba diving championship which are competed on the Paklina beach. You can also buy the ecologic products which would be on sale near the beaches and these are hand picked from family gardens. Thus, the tranquil setting and the adventure sports near the Paklina beach makes it an excellent location to soak the sun and to enjoy the thrill of water sports.

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