One of Europe’s Most Popular Attraction: Zlatni Rat, Golden Horn Beach

Zlatni Rat Beach- Bol, Brac Island, Croatia is one of the most popular family vacation spots in the world. The island of Croatia’s miles of coastline stretch along the Adriatic Sea. The attraction of Croatia is of course its beaches. From all over the world, people come running to Brac Island to get to the most popular beach in Europe, Zlatni rat; for everywhere you go their are little beach front cafe’s to get a bite to eat or enjoy a cocktail. The people of Croatia are particularly proud of their food and wine.

Zlatni rat, Golden Horn, named after its shape, is located on the island of Brac. Golden Horn beach rests just in front of the town of Bol. The unique shape of Golden Horn actually resembles a long white tongue. It is said that it is known to change its positioning and shape according to the wind. From a distance the beaches appear to consist of white sand but they are actually covered with pebbles. In fact most of the beaches of Croatia are pebble beaches. Families bring their children here frequently because they love to collect seashells and various types of stones from the beach. There are also many other activities to engage in on the Zlatni rat beaches. Besides swimming, one can take up jet skiing, kite-surfing or snorkeling. This area is also a really big hot spot for windsurfing.

Golden Horn, Bol Bra?

Available to those more daring tourists are the beaches to the North Eastern part of the island that are for nudists.

The town of Bol is an ancient seaport, and upon approaching scenic Bol Harbour, one can’t miss the many different types of boats nestled in the harbor. Traveling west up the coastline, one can really appreciate the exotic beauty of Croatia’s crystal clear blue waters.

The coastline of Croatia actually consists of more than a thousand islands . It has a Mediterranean climate that makes the weather very warm almost all the time.

Most Croatian’s are Roman Catholic and very cultural people. They’re very artistic and as well, take pride in their achievements in sports. Croatia has a lot of history. It technically dates all the way back to the 7th century. Croatia, for some time was part of Yugoslavia, but regained its independence from them in 1991.

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