Naturist Beach Lokrum Dubrovnik : Feel the Breeze

The crispy sharp warm sunlight caressing your body, the feeling of the warm sand under your feet, the continuous song of the ocean, Naturist Beach Lokrum Dubrovnik is one of those beaches one should visit at least once in their lifetime. This picturesque dreamland is situated on the island that is 0.5 miles from the city. One can reach this place, which is popular for its eye catching rocky state, by walking 5-10 miles from the dock. It can also take an easy ten-minute ride by a taxi boat.

When you enter the Naturist Beach Lokrum Dubrovnik, pine orchards catch your eyes. These orchards have made a beautiful border to the place with their green heads. The seashore can be described as rocky rather than sandy but the rockiness has made a nice effect on the water stretch. This place is popular as one of the best nudist beaches out there, which makes it a romantic destination for couples mostly while singles are able to take a shot too. The best tropical taste that is unique to this beautiful seashore is intensified by the exotic tropical plants that are in the nature park of the island.

The experience one takes from a tour in the island of Lokrum is not second to the one they take by a warm sun bathe in the beautiful coastline. If you are interested in nudism, the experience you get here has been made safe and secure by restricting a certain area from the eastern tip of the island with fine methods to keep you happy and protected while you let yourself free and open to nature. Unlike many other nudist beaches out there, this one is a place you can keep faith on and where you can enjoy yourself in the finest way you could.

It is also known for the famous shipwrecking of Richard the Lionheart. The island still bears its grandeur with its unique rocky state and the beautiful nature park inside. Therefore, if one is looking for a cozy, scenic, tropical and yet adventurous destination to spend the vacation in, let it be a single, couple, family or a group of pals ready for a fun trip, Naturist Beach Lokrum Dubrovnik is the best place to go.

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