Lopar beach on Rab in Nortern Croatia

The Island of Rab’s allure lies in the beauty and variety of its beaches, densely wooded pine forests and the towns ancient historical and cultural heritage dating back to 10 BC.

Among the modern bars, clubs, restaurants and over twenty quality hotels the town also features medieval stone buildings with a significant Roman influence. Picturesque landscapes are the backdrop for numerous churches and monasteries standing guard in stately majesty.

The island features Lopar beach as well as twenty-two other beaches along with many hidden coves, an abundance of flora and fauna, including one hundred year old agaves plants. The marine life abounds with wonderful color and variety there. The year round Mediterranean climate allows for such diversity in plant and wild life species. Creatures in the air, on the beaches, in the woodlands and under the crystal clear waters mesmerize the casual observer.

The island is part of the Kvarner Archipelago group of islands that lie in the Northern Adriatic Ocean. This particular island features sand, pebble and rocky beaches where sun worshippers, hikers, sightseers and locals alike are drawn to marvel at the natural beauty and majesty of the ancient pristine landscape that is the city of Rab and Lopar beach.

Being the farthest beach away from old town Rab it offers quiet seclusion and clear, shallow, warm waters. Nearby there is a a sports facility with playing fields, and the largest camp ground on the island. Lopar also employes life guards and is handicap accessible.

Vacationers can charter small vessels, yachts and even catamarans to tour the shoreline and coves of Rab. Small planes can also be chartered to and from the island to the mainland. Sailing tours can also be arranged as well as walking, hiking, sight seeing and cove hopping with a number of charter companies for a moderate price.
The night life includes clubs and bars that serve cocktails and even feature go-go dancers. Other clubs showcase live performers and local and international DJ’s. And if visitors are lucky enough to be visiting the island during the month of July (25th, 26th, and 27th), they can witness the local festival honoring Saint James, Saint Christopher and Sainte Anne.

The beauty, charm, allure and peaceful atmosphere make a trip to this breathtaking destination an unforgettable experience with memories to be cherished a lifetime.

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