Kornati: Godís Own Creation

If you are going to Croatia for a vacation along with your family, there is one place you cannot afford to miss out, and that is Kornati. The coastal region of Croatia near the cities of Sibenik and Zadar has an archipelago containing over a hundred islands, isles, coral reefs, and islets called Kornati. It derives its name from Kornat, the largest island on view in the region. There are many other islands that are worth visiting apart from Kornat and most of these islands are covered with small grass and trees of rare species.

The size of many islands has decreased over the last hundreds of years because of erosion by sea, and destructions cause by fires frequently. Amazingly, Kornati islands are not inhabited despite some areas on a few islands being used for growing olives and vineyards by people who also bring along cattle for grazing. There are no owners though some wealthy families from nearby cities have started to stake their claim over land areas in some of these islands. Despite the sea around the islands being rich in marine life, the islands have no inhabitants.

As luminary a person as George Bernard Shaw once said about the beauty of Kornati islands that these are creation of God once HE finished creating earth. God created Kornati to put a crown over his work and so he used tears, stars, and HIS own breath to make these islands.

There is also the National Park Kornati, a collection of 89 islands lying in the southernmost part in the entire archipelago. Kornat Island takes up more than 2/3rds of the total area of the National Park.

Tourists come over to Kornati either on an excursion organized by companies or through their own boats that they charter to explore the islands. Thos who come here on their own boats are at an advantage as they get a lot more time, in fact as much as they like to enjoy on the islands in contrast to a limited time that tourists coming on excursions get.

If you want to spend some time on Kornati, there is a hotel made right at the beach with a large terrace facing sun and a shared kitchen with the facilities of Wi-Fi and a living room fitted with a large LCD. There are 4 rooms in all and the rent per day of rooms is pound 20.

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