Kamenjak (National Park, Pula-Premantura)

Kamenjak (Pula, National Park)

At the end of Istra Peninsula you can find various beautiful beaches all protected under National park Kamenjak. A few kilometers ride from Pula or 3-4 hours sail from Mali Lošinj and you arrive to National park Kamenjak. Park was established around year 1966 and it is well protected even against private investors that have plane to build a hotel complex in this untouched nature. However Croatian Government stopped this action and prohibited any construction on this part.
Now there is only one wooden bar called Safari Bar at the south part of Kamenjak. Covered with old dried grass and constructed in a way that will not affect natural surface it is a pleasant place for cold lemonade or a hamburger.

As mentioned you have a wide rage of different types of beaches. From high cliffs (up to 13 meters – 40 feet’s) all the way to sandy beach in Eastern bay ideal for anchoring for sailboats. A bit to the west you can see also interesting Lighthouse Pomer where you can sleep over if you have bigger budget.

Rumor has it that on an island close to the Safari bar you can find foot steps from a Dinosaur. Anyhow if you do not believe there is only one way to find if this rumor is true by checking it out in person. But be careful closing the shore with the yacht because there are a lot of people all time in the water. Also anchoring is a bit tricky while there is strong current and deep water.

More quitter beach is located on a western side a bit to the north. The beach is called Fisherman’s bay and has also small harbor of fisherman’s boats, but you can also stop by with your yacht.

Useful tip when going on a Kamenjak with a car is to be careful on the road. Because Kamenjak is a National park there is not any asphalt road just sandy road full of dust. And that dust is extremely small and light and when it comes to your ventilation in a car it is impossible to get it out easily. So do not forget to close the air circulation.

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