Island Hopping Croatia

The strategy of Island hopping was used Pacific theater where the selected islands were protected by the marines or allied forces. Generally, these islands have some deliberate value that helped the fight to move close to Japan. Island hopping is an affordable and easy way to discover around 400 islands that are scattered around the coastline of Croatia. The majority of the vast ports are near to the airports, with car ferries and catamarans operating between the islands.

 The Island hopping Croatia trips are relaxed cruises and combined active journeys. One can explore the coastal regions and beautiful Croatian islands worldwide by mountain bike, electric bike, trekking bike, boat or racing bike. The destinations that are offered for bike trips and sail are Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey, Scotland, Greece, Vietnam and Spain and one would find multilingual and qualified tour guides

Some of the Island hopping Croatia trips include Culture Cruises, Multi Adventure cruises or individual bike and hotel trips with the luggage services. One can start their journey with Budget airlines that fly to Croatia in the north and wind up in the south. The destinations one could explore with Island hopping Croatia are the Kornati National Park, Brijoni, Mljet, Brac etc.

Best destinations for Island hopping in Croatia

Kornati islands

The Kornati National Park absorbs an area of about 218 sq km and it includes about 89 islets, rocks, and islands. The total park area occupies ¼ sq km, which means to say that the sea surfaces takes over the park. The Kornati National Park is 0.5 sq km. The islands were set aside as National Park in the year 1990, at present the Kornati National Park covers 234 sq km.


The small port at Brijuni is situated on Eerlik. With Island hopping Croatia one can visit these magnificent islands. The Croatian army manages Brijuni National park. It is important to send a notice prior to going there. The seas of the Brijuni are representative Marine Parks and important hatching grounds for the typical marines of northern Adriatic. In Brijuni one can find date-shell, pen-shell and at times the protected vertebrates, dolphins and turtles can also be seen in the waters of Brijuni. Endemic Species like the Jadranski bracic, Jadranski ciganin Tunicate and the black tang can also be found. The seabed is full of fish, sea urchins, sponges, crustaceans, shellfish etc.


The Mljet National Park has 2 salt water lakes that are Malo Jezero and Veliko (Small and Large Lake). The lakes occupy about 4 KM, in the middle of these lakes there islet/island Melita with huge building erected in the twelfth century. This huge building at present is a restaurant/café. The boats connect the small islands from both the sides of the lake. Since both the lakes are surrounded with well planned paths, one can stroll or cycle along the shaded paths. Kayaking is permitted. Sun bathing and swimming are the most amusing things that one can do here.

Brac (cro. Bra?)

Brac is the 3rd largest Adriatic islands; it occupies an area of 394.57 sq km Brac is separated by Brac channel from the mainland. Brac is the highest peak of this island and it is the highest peak of the Croatian islands also. The limestone part of Brac is steep and rocky, while the other part is sandy and rather very low.

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