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Moscenicka Draga (Opatija)

Moscenicka Draga (Opatija) Moš?eni?ka Draga is a municipality in Croatia. This is located to the eastern coast of Istria. This municipality is considerably close to Opatija and is found near the foot of the U?ka Mountain. This is one of the most recommended tourist locations in Croatia and has two exotic beaches and a conducive […]

Paklina Beach near Bol on Brac Island

Palkina beach is one of the most famous beaches on the coastline of Croatia. This beach is admired by tourists from across the globe for its rich blue waters, sandy shores and the exotic view of the beach from the shore. This beach is located towards the southern part of the island of Brac. This […]

Beach Supetar Brac

The Mediterranean coastline is surely one of the most admired tourist locations of the world. This part of the globe is blessed with incredible beauty and is surrounded by countries like Turkey, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Lebanonand Croatiawith each having its own unique culture. Croatiain particular, is a dream destination for most of the tourists and […]

The Beaches Of Ba?vice Split

The Ba?vice Beach, located in Split, Croatia, is a fantastic vacationing location for families, lovers, and anyone tho likes to travel. The atmosphere that is located around the beach, as well as the many other beaches in the area, is a majestic, peacefulness that most beaches in southern Europeare unable to offer. Granted this location […]

Lopar beach on Rab in Nortern Croatia

The Island of Rab’s allure lies in the beauty and variety of its beaches, densely wooded pine forests and the towns ancient historical and cultural heritage dating back to 10 BC. Among the modern bars, clubs, restaurants and over twenty quality hotels the town also features medieval stone buildings with a significant Roman influence. Picturesque […]

One of Europe’s Most Popular Attraction: Zlatni Rat, Golden Horn Beach

Zlatni Rat Beach- Bol, Brac Island, Croatia is one of the most popular family vacation spots in the world. The island of Croatia’s miles of coastline stretch along the Adriatic Sea. The attraction of Croatia is of course its beaches. From all over the world, people come running to Brac Island to get to the […]

Naturist Beach Lokrum Dubrovnik : Feel the Breeze

The crispy sharp warm sunlight caressing your body, the feeling of the warm sand under your feet, the continuous song of the ocean, Naturist Beach Lokrum Dubrovnik is one of those beaches one should visit at least once in their lifetime. This picturesque dreamland is situated on the island that is 0.5 miles from the […]

Kamenjak (National Park, Pula-Premantura)

Kamenjak (Pula, National Park) At the end of Istra Peninsula you can find various beautiful beaches all protected under National park Kamenjak. A few kilometers ride from Pula or 3-4 hours sail from Mali Lošinj and you arrive to National park Kamenjak. Park was established around year 1966 and it is well protected even against private […]

Best party experience in Zr?e, Novalja on Pag Island

Summer is just around the corner and you are already thinking of where to spend your summer vacation. Have you heard of Beach Zr?e party Pag – the best beach party you will ever experience? Yes, that is right. Partygoers attested to how fun it is to attend Beach Zr?e party Pag, with partying until […]

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