Charming Korcula Island

Kor?ula is one of the beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea and it is near the Dalmatian coast. It is part of the Republic of Croatia. The Kor?ula Island is around 47 kilometers in length and around 8 kilometers wide and is highly populous. This island is the second populous island and the sixth largest island in the Adriatic Sea. Ethnic Croats are the population who mostly reside in this island. The Kor?ula Island is a part of the Dalmatian archipelago of Croatia. A mild climate persists in this island which shares a rainfall of 1100 mm every year. The flora of this island mostly includes Mediterranean vegetation and hence is covered by pine forests.

There are many towns and villages in this island and all these settlements are connected with a single main road. This main road in the island is also considered to be the spine of the island. Ferries (boats) are used as the mode of transportation in the Korcula Island. In particular points in a year there are special ferry lanes which are made to directly connect to the Italian Adriatic ports. This island is divided into four different municipalities for better operation. The presence of this island dates back to the 12th Century and many civilization existed since then.

This island has a lot to offer with respect to art and culture. Marco Polo a famous writer and world traveler took his birth on this island. There are also many museums, galleries which host the items used by the ancient rules of this region. There are wide varieties of festivals conducted on this island. A famous sword dance of this island called Moreska is world renowned folk art and is enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean region. This island also hosts architectural marvels with its stone masonry, traditional crafts and also writing of the famous writers.

Korcula Island is highly visited by tourist across the globe basically for its scenic beauty and the variety offered by the island. Towards the coastline of this island, there are many resorts and properties to stay. Staying towards the coastline helps you enjoy the waters and the water sports. The geographical location of this island offer exotic views of nature which are breathtaking.

This place can be reached by various modes of transportation. Most of the tourist visit Croatian by flight and the nearest airport to this island is located in Dubrovnik. Reaching the airport located in Dubrovnik, the Korcula Island can be reached by a Ferry. There is a regular service of the ferries available on this island. The road transport system available within the island is also excellent. For better commutation, there is an option available to tourists to rent bike or a car.

There are package tours offered by travel companies, and choosing those packages would make your stay in this island cheaper and creates more value for money. This is because; many people are a part of the tour which obviously reduces the prices in accommodation and the overall trip.

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