Brijuni Islands – Beautiful National Park

Brijuni national park is located in Croatia Central Europe towards the northern part of the Adiratic Sea. Brijuni is made up of 14 small islands. This region was a Roman settlement in the ancient times. At 1815 these islands became a part of the Austrian empire, and this region as it was used for extraction of minerals involved many quarries.In the year 1991, Croatia nation gained independence which led to the creation of Brijuni national park. Located in the tropical region, it hosts a perfect climate for the flora and the flauna to blossom. There is a rich variety of both the flora and the fauna located in the Brijuni national park.

This national park is a home for many varieties of plant vegetation. With its Mediterranean characteristics, there are almost 600 varieties of species of plants grown in this national park. A species of dwarf spruce is grown in this region known as Vanga. Other plant vegetation which are a part of this national park include home oak, conifers and the Laurel forests are the floral attraction in these regions. Enjoying nature and its beauty is enhanced with the right floral combination which is well balanced in this national park.

The safari park of these islands host many species of wild life. As a part of this safari park, to preserve the animals of Istria, a special park within the safari park is made which is known as the ‘Ethno Park’. Ethno Park is a typical Istrian homestead. There exist Istrean goats, sheep cows and other animals for habitat and for their preservation. Other species of wild life include Chital, Mouflon, and the fallow deer which adorns most parts of the national park. The small islands also nest many gulls and offer them a great habitat.

Many animals which are sharing the habitat of this national park is given as a gift from other countries. Some of the species are Nilgai, elephants, black buck, mountain Zebra, plain zebra and others. The view of these animals moving in groups and enjoying the nature’s gift is a spectacle to watch. The local seas of these islands also are a great habitat for the marine life. You can find the species such as pen shells and the date shells and other marine vertebrates such as the dolphins in its waters. This safari park is also a home for many marine endimic species such as black tang, Tunicate and the Jadranski Ciganin.

You can conveniently reach this safari park by roadways. Special cars are available for safari in the national park at an affordable cost. These cars also make it easy to take the photographs of the wild life in the safari park. Brijuni islands with its right combination of scenic beauty, greenery and the wild life becomes an excellent spot to enjoy your holiday. Booking a villa or an apartment in these islands offers complete privacy to your members. Excellent spa services are available on these islands to offer a relaxed experience.

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