Beach Supetar Brac

The Mediterranean coastline is surely one of the most admired tourist locations of the world. This part of the globe is blessed with incredible beauty and is surrounded by countries like Turkey, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Lebanonand Croatiawith each having its own unique culture. Croatiain particular, is a dream destination for most of the tourists and with its 1,778 kmlong and mesmerizing shoreline, this place demands to be visited at least once in the lifetime.

The Bra? Island is a famous tourist spot in Croatia. This holiday destination is occupied with travelers throughout the year and the obvious reasons are of course its friendly atmosphere and number of astonishing beaches. Beach Supetar Bra? Croatia, which is located on the northern part of this island, has remained a major attraction because of number of reasons. Supetar is not a densely populated place and it is known for its calm atmosphere and peaceful pebble beaches. Further, it is also the main transportation center of this island. One can easily approach to the nearby villages by number of buses that run regularly and also to the downtown area by ferry service.

Moreover, it is not difficult to reach the other close beaches like Trstenik Beach Split, Zenta Beach Split, Znjan Beach Split, Golden Horn Beach and Beach Bene Split. All these lovely beaches are located within 15 km from Supetar. Beach Supetar Bra? Croatia faces the crystal clear waters of Mediterranean Sea while the neat and clean coast is full of small round and colorless stones. In addition to that, the refreshing tamarisk and pine woods add a special glory to this romantic place.

Everyone who loves sun, sand and water, Beach Supetar Bra? Croatia is the place for them. Without any doubt, it is an ideal destination for all those who want to take a break from their busy schedules and hectic lives. The beach bars and plenty of restaurants offer some delicious foods and they are master in preparing famous Croatian dishes. Further, tourists can also enjoy both the local as well as Mediterranean cookery.

Supetar Beach also offers excellent opportunities for number of water sports. One can involve himself in activities like swimming, sailing, fishing, water polo, kayaking, water skiing and many more. Last but not the least, tourists can enjoy organized boat trips or other exciting activities like beach volley, water polo and surfing. There are plentiful hidden beaches that are best for the honeymooners and all those who seek privacy.

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