Moscenicka Draga (Opatija)

Moscenicka Draga (Opatija)

Moš?eni?ka Draga is a municipality in Croatia. This is located to the eastern coast of Istria. This municipality is considerably close to Opatija and is found near the foot of the U?ka Mountain. This is one of the most recommended tourist locations in Croatia and has two exotic beaches and a conducive and relaxing atmosphere. This place is inhabited by around 1641 inhabitants, and this number exists during the summer. But during the winter season, the number of inhabitants reduces to 500 in number as they move to other places in search of work. The reason is that the population in this municipality mainly depends on tourism for its revenue.

On your visit to Croatia, you can take a resort at Opatija and either by a local transport can commute you to this municipality. The people of Moš?eni?ka draga are very hospitable and assist you in having a nice time at your stay in Moš?eni?ka draga. If you wish to stay near the beautiful beaches, the Moš?eni?ka draga municipality has many villas, apartments and houses to stay. You also get to enjoy the tasty Mediterranean Sea food during your stay in this place. These villas and apartments offers an exotic view of the pebble beaches located on the Moš?eni?ka draga coast during your stay.

Moš?eni?ka draga plažaMoš?eni?ka draga is surrounded by thick vegetation and is located near the Ucka Mountains. It also hosts two beautiful beaches across its coast which offers an exotic view and excellent for a relaxing holiday. Moš?eni?ka draga is highly visited by tourists for family vacation and even for health tourism. The pebble beach near the coast is very good for kids to play. This is also a playground for the grownups with the presence of watersports and other games.

The thick forests and the presence of Ucka Mountains also make Moš?eni?ka draga an adventure spot. There are also excellent camp sites and it is good for mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. The lush green forests with its flora and fauna offers a thrilling mountaineering experience. The experience of standing on the mountain looking at the deep blue waters of the Adriatic Sea is truly a priceless experience.

If you at Croatia for a luxury vacation, you can also hire a yacht to enjoy the blue waters along the coast of Moš?eni?ka draga. The skipper of the yacht also would take you to the picturesque bays and different parts of the archipelago. Nautical tourism is very famous in Croatia which basically involves sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and other water sports. This helps you enjoy the thrill of the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. This place also offers you an opportunity to acquaint with the hosts of the vacation. Every morning to the port of Moš?eni?ka draga comes fishing boats and this place is a famous harbor in the past.

Moš?eni?ka draga thus offers a complete experience to the tourists. For those who are looking for a relaxing holiday with family, the pebble beaches offer a perfect location and for the adventure lovers, this place offers the experience too.

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