Dugi otok – Long island with its beauty

Long island or Dugi otok that is mentioned here is not located in New York but in Croatia. The island got its name after very long distance from North to South but a very small distance from East to West.

Island is located in the border between Northern and Middle part of Croatian seaside. It is closely reachable with a boat from island Pag or ports such as: Zadar, Sukošan and Biograd.

Dugi otok or Long island has beside nice beaches a lot of great diving spots. And for some spots you do not need any special diving equipment just snorkeling mask. On the northern part of the island an Italian ship has sank in shallow water. The ship has sink in the sea that is around 6-8 meters deep. One side of this ship looks outside of the sea. Ship wreckage is interested to see not only by itself (it looks astonishing amazing) but also because of a lot of fishes are seen here. The reason for that is because of mixing of warm and cold water here is a lot of plankton – food for fishes.

Eastern part of the island is one of the interesting points where a lot of diving schools take their students to explore the beautiful depths of nice shore.

There are not many inhabitants that live on Dugi otok. Most of them are located in a town on the northern part where you can find also a local store. This gives island additional plus, while there is not any tourist that they can spoil your vacation.

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