Charter Croatia

No doubt Croatian coast is one of the best places to visit with boat and no matter if this is sailboat or luxury yacht,†Croatia†is one of the best places to take charter boat.

One the best reason is definitely the nature and the shape of Croatian coast.Croatia†has more then 1.000 islands that are really close to each other. This gives you opportunity to wake up every morning with you charter sailboat on different location. You don’t like one bay of prefer another beach, just lift your sails or push the throttle on you boat and you are in no time to the new Croatian island with different shore. Size of the islands varies from really small that has only one small beach to the islands that has airport and a few bigger cities besides the village. However you can still find coast that is complete empty and you can spoil yourself in peace and quiet.

Your vacation in†Croatia†doesn’t have to be that way in you do not want it. It can be also the best party charter vacations ever.†Croatia†has island Pag that has become a new†Ibiza.†Bay†of†Zrce†which is accessible by sailboat or any luxury yacht is the home of few clubs that has a big open dance floors that extend to the beach. Many worlds famous DJs come to this Croatian beach.

If the nature and impressive islands did not impress you to come to†Croatia, then you should come because of the rich culture and kindness of Croatian people. You can not describe it in any words, so you will definitely need to check it.

Beside all that reasons you need to check also the price for charter in†Croatia. Croatian charter is almost half priced then the same sailboats in†Caribbean. Do you need any more reasons to visit†Croatia? Visit it and you will find many more reasons to come back and definitely you will not regret it.

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